About Us

R Equity is a Seed Fund founded in 2015 by Rishab Jain; the firm has its offices in New Delhi, India and Dallas, United States. Our portfolio spans startups operating in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Brick & Mortar, eCommerce, Investment Banking, Manufacturing and SaaS.

Rishab, is an alumnus of the University of Bath and a self-taught computer programmer. He has previously worked with Citi, Grant Thornton and BMR in areas of Risk Management, Audit and Anti-Money Laundering.

Our Approach

We work with Seed-stage Startups across the globe that have the potential to create new markets and product categories and are focused on building companies that:

Leverage technology to build robust models
Disrupt "existing ways of doing things" and 
Enrich the experience of all those involved

Our Portfolio



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